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Issue Three



Upon Turning Thirty

I abandoned you in Apalachicola
sipping firewood fumes
and culling your camouflage
back where obliging framed porches
are oiled with shrimpers and shorebirds
ducks are cleaved from tupelo trees
Dead Man's Fingers flood old lace sands
one cloistered laser lemon light orbits
a soggy settlement of riverfront freewheels
ghost crabs galloping for drastic grooves
bleached featheredged fences akimbo


Our junket to Highgate
was full of plot holes and egg farms,
fossilized chapels, the necropolis of Karl Marx,
a pistachio copper dome palpable from
high-strung trains backsliding to King's Cross.
We rustled in sibilations
throughout a telepathic trio of timberland,
inside the culmination of T.S. Eliot,
beside a ceremonial cenotaph
where a scullion and his golden cat
sanctioned the Bow Bells tolling
"Turn again Whittington,
thrice Lord Mayor of London."

Megan Denise Mealor is from Jacksonville, Florida. She has been featured in numerous journals, most recently The Furious Gazelle, IO Lit Journal, and Chantwood Magazine. She has two poetry collections forthcoming this year: Bipolar Lexicon (Unsolicited Press) and Blatherskite (Clare Songbirds House Publishing).

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