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An international online magazine that publishes Surrealist poetry in English.

Issue Three




an oblong view with three men in the aisle, bringing foreboding with their guns, calling for blood, baying, bracing, focused on bodywork, technique, following orders of magnitude, his single body no match against brutality, embodied, bloodied, streaming nose and mouth, soft brown belly, open to the world, you might think this does not bode well, randomness will be an excuse, not his skin, not even his profession will defend him, the bodies of patients he protects, or did, concussion's embodiment, returning confused, glasses askew, bodily removed, deplaned, re-accommodated into another euphemism, aren't you sick of them, thin-bodied words no thicker than a bodkin in your mouth, he cries out I have to go home, abode, a daub of paint not blood, you're mistaken, oh man oh man oh man no bodaciousness can be found here, only a head on a pike, Ichabod runs through the night, nothing will stem the bleeding, everything's bodiced tight, no-one overbooks the fly list, here's the wine list, quite unlike a bodega, something's missing

Ivy Alvarez was born in the Philippines and raised in Australia. She has lived in
Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, and almost a decade in Wales, before arriving
in New Zealand in 2014. She is a MacDowell Colony, and Hawthornden Fellow,
and her poems have been widely published and anthologised (including Best
Australian Poems 2009
and 2013).

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