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Issue Three




(on finding AC)

This: a man on fire running quite fast
through the ground floor
of a house

This: an umbrella falling
from an upstairs balcony
landing on its tip
on a
sewing machine

and also this:
the fiddle carved from the tree
is not the tree
but is of the tree
I await the flock of birds
and their guide
the Morwā

I scan the corners of the ceiling
one to the other
looking for some weather to gather
my stomach churning
excited. Roof open, open doors.
Panning the air above me
a passive act

the cloud held above overhead
until its droplets change
from staccato random
to rolling torrent, soaking
the head, the face, the desk, the head
the desk

I strain the paper blots
     and holds
     and holds

holds all that I

Frank McHugh is from the west coast of Scotland. He teaches and writes poetry in both Scots and English, as well as songs and plays. His poetry has been published in Acumen Poetry, New Writing Scotland, The Glasgow Review of Books, and The Runt. One of his poems was named as highly commended at the Imprint Writing awards 2016.

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