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An international online magazine that publishes Surrealist poetry in English.

Issue Three



Under Glass

Why did you fatten me up and let me loose
to fend for myself, then shoot me in an open field
and not realize I was still a young hen?
But even then, I was too small in the breast
with so little meat on the thighs for the main course,
you covered my imperfections under a steaming cloche
and marched me out to all the smiling guests.

Paper Aeroplane

Do you not think of the suffering of the balsam
as you shred the xylem into smaller strips

scouring all the natural fiber in soda ash
to separate them from the other sapwood

then blasting everything in a shiny new blender,
before rolling out the freshly made layers

then after making all the right folds
send it off somewhere beyond your reach?

Anum Sattar is a junior studying English at the College of Wooster in Ohio, USA. Her poems have been published in The American Journal of Poetry, Triggerfish Critical Review, HOBART, Crack the Spine, #thesideshow by FIVE 2 ONE: An Art and Literary Journal, The Linnet's Wings, Ragazine, The Florida Review, Snow Jewel Journal, Oddball Magazine, Artifact Nouveau, Off the Coast, Strange POEtry, Between These Shores, Conceit Magazine, A New Ulster, The Cannon's Mouth, Wilderness House Literary Review, Poydras Review, The Cadaverine, Verbalart: A Global Journal Devoted to Poets & Poetry, The Wayne Literary Journal, The Ibis Head Review, Poets Bridge, Deltona Howl, Tipton Poetry Journal, etc.

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