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Issue Ten



Weather Forecast

Dead warriors of the wind;
their eye sockets
full of typography...

They pocket hailstones
of denial. They spell Draco's New Law
with their bodies.

Death is the way to avoid
further punishment,

spurts the oversized voice.

Billboards; the weather forecast
for tyrants. The silky breeze
of invasion, the clouds

of zero doubt. The thirty-first tyrant
breathes a black candle in his bunker.
He's busy writing uninhabited poems.

In the Garden of Sounds

I kill you by naming you.
Because people are all breath.
If one speaks against autocrats,
his autobiography will be kept
in a cage.

Man is the sum of postures he
dreams up. Every vigilante
carries a weathervane.
Your mutation can be tried
in a juvenile court.

One who wields an edge
may get wedged. An ex-emperor
sings Blue Moon backwards
as he delivers his apostrophic empire
for a post mortem.


In the vacuum of the moment, I accosted Prokofiev's metronome. The flute of a mute answered. Also, two walking billboards (after a brief consultation), both depicting Stalin, with an inscription saying "Elect one, get another free."
     "Rhythm... you can find it everywhere, even in your breakfast statistics," the metronome finally ticked out. "It governs us communistically, and is rather crunchy. Taste it."
     Prokofiev's octofingers were making music of survival, his eyes sparkling with mindquirks. The weather man was bathing inside his liquid baritone. Stalin's portrait waved to the frame it had left behind, and occupied the sky.

Tony Kitt lives in Dublin, Ireland. His chapbook entitled The Magic Phlute was published by SurVision books in 2019. His collection entitled Endurable Infinity is due from Pittsburgh University Press (the Pitt series) later this year.

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