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Issue Ten




Panta plêrê theôn einai:
      The heaving water,
            Rope coiled on the deck,
A beauty in her sundress,
The light pouring through leaves of trees –
I worship peaks and pretty things.

Time is a vortex of rain;
Let's drink to these powers.
Cut flesh, sleep on soft breasts
Brutalities accumulate on the plains
A sovereign hand sculpts our infirmities
The king of the ocean strangles and glides.

Vicious Circle

Chthonic dullarities blanket flare-ups
over amniotic seas, geysers of the deep.
Scintillating vortex emitting pulses
"Here Comes Everybody!"
And you are?

A yawning starfish, molten purple,
Peels its suctions off the vibrant sky,
A rumbling sunset leafed with crimsons

Time evaporates the
colors of the fantastic arboretum
A splendid menagerie of rare and choice plants;
The ages roll on.

Plunged my knife deep in the chest
Of that beast,
Nightmare golem working for war

Trap rattles on the edge of summer

Panta plêrê theôn einai: Aristotle attributes this remark, 'all things are full of gods', to Thales.

Shane Devine is a writer and poet from New Jersey and a graduate student at the New School for Social Research.

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