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Issue Ten




After Chandra Livia Candiani

the dogs at your heels on
a runaway runway road
a chevron shadow
points your way,
a harmless hunting eagle
seen in fisheye
open, wide
the landscape
the mountains
keep your stride
as together you leave
the foreground behind

the bell rings
in a town
where nobody lives

there's frost
on blackberries burnt
that nobody ate

the wind
rushes titter snicker
as you sprint
a lone
tree cackles crackles
its yellow leaves
like ash in
the wind
its Spring fire

Roy Duffield lives in Barcelona, Spain. He is art editor at Anti-Heroin Chic journal. His poems appear in Indigo Dreams, The Nashville Review, Quadrant, The Living Senryu Anthology, and The London Reader's Counterculture number. He is a winner of the Robert Allen Micropoem Contest (2021)

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