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Issue Ten




She looks through her stocking
like it's the eye of the day.
The smell of rain in her bed exhausts her.
Morning totters on its one leg.

Dream Bearer

She dreams she is carrying
The Tent of Meeting across the desert
in her punchy blue slippers.
She thinks maybe she's a man.
Her whiskers turn the heads
of the Israelite bearers
who greet her as they'd greet a man.
Their Cecil B. DeMille headbands
zap her with a sanctifying vibe.
Once she saw Abraham herding his sheep
across Queens Boulevard.
Things can be clear sometimes
like when she finds a fist of light stuck to her shoe
and disappears into it.
God calls out to her from the Ark
inside the Tent.
She answers him with his own silence.
Now she can awake.


Robert Hirschfield lives in New York. His work appeared in Salamander, Noon, The Moth, Grasslimb, Ink Sweat and Tears, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Salamander, Pamplemouss, etc. His latest collection is The Road to Canaan (Presa Press, 2019).

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