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Issue Ten



Ascent of the Mothers

Glorious tripod   
Of a million years,

Faces and draft,
Days not uncommon

Where my eye wandered.
Ruined clothes,

Heaps of cars
Over a stray's splayed paws.

I am nothing,   
Or else I have made myself

Too big for words.
Take my hands,

There. Now the winter
Light steeps the nerve of it.

Letter to Eli

The long haul there,
The exigencies.

The pregnant women mutter
Something I can't hear.

The salt tide
Watching us go down,

What's left of something difficult
To understand.   

My tears stain
A sheet of news.

I am excluded,
Yet I am not the center of everything.

An object chiming
In the far distance,

The raked lawns and choked
Noises of my fugitive heart,

The glow of evenings
At the end of July,

My possible future,
Its breezy blur.


The long rain, the hungry
Ghost. I am watching something

Fall. The newspaper said
Something leisurely

Today, and I scanned it
Twice to look for your

Image. Nothing's here.
Soon I will no longer be

One big self, and what
Will happen to me? Let go.

Vanity is so yesteryear,
And I am not a fallen hero.

The unglazed windows,
An afterthought out of perspective,

This is what's left,
Something difficult, a fragment.

Noelle Kocot is from Brooklyn, New York, and currently resides in New Jersey.
She is has published eight collections of poetry, including God's Green Earth 
(Wave Books, 2020), Phantom Pains of Madness (Wave Books, 2016), Soul in Space (Wave Books, 2013),
The Bigger World
 (Wave Books, 2011), and a book of translations from the poems by Tristan Corbière, Poet by Default (Wave Books, 2011).  T
he current Poet Laureate of Pemberton Borough, New Jersey, she is the recipient of awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Academy of American Poets, The Fund for Poetry and the American Poetry Review.

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