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Issue Ten



Too Hot

Too hot a day to put on a watch,
watch the hands twitch like
an insect's feelers. Too hot
to care a teacher's ruler points

to each hour, like to the correct
answer. Too hot to want
the day to be summed up
in arithmetic blocks. To believe

anything moves round, to want
to notice the angles of time
one is elbowed into. Too hot
to see hours fold into Origami

sculptures, or to see a pale
white moon's face constantly
eclipsed. To wear black leather
straps like a mourning band.

Nancy Anne Miller is a Bermudian poet with nine collections. Latitude, Longitude is her latest (Kelsay Books 2021). She is published internationally in journals such as Edinburgh Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Salzburg Review, Agenda, The Fiddlehead, The Caribbean Writer, PREE, etc.

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