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Issue Ten



closer to the freedom we crave

butterflies can't fly beyond the barbed wire
if they do by any miracle the children will pay

tributes to the only hearts left naked without
shells like hedgehoppers at the cockcrow

lullabies take the shape of hairless men
having no eyes with the mouths sewed

with rust tracks over the milky watery corpses
left behind as landmarks

the invisible fields known to fulfil


Marius Surleac is a Romanian scientist, poet, and photographer. He has published a collection of poetry in Romanian, Zeppelin Jack (Herg Benet, 2011). His translations from Marc Vincenz were included  in his bilingual collection, The Propaganda Factory, or Speaking of Trees (Tracus Arte, 2015). His poems and translations also appear in Pif Magazine, MadHat Lit, The Ilanot Review, Literary Orphans, Asymptote, Solstice, The Los Angeles Review, The Riveter.

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