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Issue Ten



Three Poems from Tirrenide

*  *  *

the arsonist runs around with a bottle
and cigarettes in his head and fails
to turn his head off
the extreme work of the rapids against
give me my arch of the day

*  *  *

over the swollen river
the reeds' raised heads
the arch holding off the flood
holding off the void and the fullness
and the finitude of form

*  *  *

a rapid river stream
about to become a recluse
to clear my mind
but there's always a hole

Translated from the Italian by Tony Kitt

Maria Grazia Insinga is from Sicily. She is a poet, a publisher, and a piano teacher. Her poems appear in many Italian magazines and were anthologised on many occasions. Five collections of her poetry were published in Italy: Persica (Anterem, 2015), Ophrys (Anterem, 2017), Etcetera (Fiorina, 2017), The Turtle Girl (Fiorina, 2018), and Tirrenide (Anterem, 2020).

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