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Issue Ten



Why species decline 

Some scientists believe
that the broad-beaked
asparagus has a gambling
addiction. That is why it
chooses to live a solitary
existence on an equally
solitary rocky island some-
where in the lower reaches

of the Atlantic Ocean. Now
it only ventures to the casinos
of Macau once the regular
mating season is over, when the
chances of finding a mate
have become extremely low.


Bromeliads congregate in the foyer
of the cosmetic surgery. Their colors
are considered passé this year –
this is the only chance they have to
change them. The dry soil brought
in with them crackles as tanks roll
over it. Then helicopters land, their
camouflage now with a delicate

shade of pink that matches the blush
in the bromeliads' cheeks. As the blades
wind down the bromeliads can read
their whisper – one-time bloomers
are no longer to be trusted once they've
moved to the other side of the Great Divide.

A line from Man Ray

Almost by osmosis, the end
of 2021 is coming to a close
with too little time in the
classroom. Without the right

help, B-side remixes from con-
vention halls & race tracks
allow the uptake of water, even
though algorithms have been

developed for those of a more
curious nature. For the many
still unable to say no, two hund-
red & sixty-five million tracks of

bird songs & water sounds are
available on desktop & mobile
for free to assist in managing
any ongoing stress &/or pain.

Mark Young lives in Queensland, Australia. His most recent books are The Toast, from (Luna Bisonte Prods) and The Sasquatch Walks Among Us (Sandy Press). Songs to Come for the Salamander, Poems 2013-2021, selected & introduced by Thomas Fink, was jointly published by Sandy Press and Meritage Press in October, 2021.

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