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Issue Ten



Where We Come From

The bog obviously by the mud
in my mouth

by the dark color of my hair
I was born of the battle

for the book and the cow
sprung from a thick earth

leveled by foreign armies
and I take my name

from an older sweeter earth
rot-rich and deep with ague

like a tree buried for centuries
feeding the veins of new leaves

We are split like twins
or the faces of a coin

like the mysticism in mirrors
or the inking of tattoos

and I still throw the bones
of sheep

when I ride the rim of a coffee cup
to a hidden circle of stones

and wait for the sun at its apex
to bring me home

George Moore lives on the south shore of Nova Scotia. He has published poetry in The Atlantic, Poetry, Colorado Review, Orion, and Stand. His collections are Children's Drawings of the Universe (Salmon Poetry 2015) and Saint Agnes Outside the Walls (FutureCycle 2016).

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