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Issue Ten



The Poem

I'm waiting for the poem to come,
but it insists on walking to the marina

where it sits down, legs dangling
over the dock,

hoping to join the choir of masts, and watch
the gulls and pelicans dive for fish.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward
till it gets hungry enough to arrive home,

so I can add a balloon here, a balloon there--
I want it to rise, to praise the moon or tide,

to look down and see the sailboats
on their knees in nightly prayer

which it promises to do after buying shoes
for the homeless man on the corner

and knocking on the door of the dark house
where it believes God is hiding.


Eva Skrande grew up in Cuba and Miami, Florida. She is the author of Bone Argot (Spuyten Duyvil, 2019) and My Mother's Cuba (River City Publishing, 2010). Her poems have appeared in Agni, American Poetry Review, The Iowa Review, Prism International, Alaska Quarterly, SurVision, etc. She has taught for Writers in the Schools, the University of Houston, and Houston Community College. She currently teaches Creative Writing and lives in Houston with her husband and daughter.

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