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Issue Ten




Under a dilapidated sky,
a man is trying to turn
dead trees into children.

His wife flings lines of poetry
to him like tennis, the book's
worn racket on its last days,

but he can only think of whales
and how much grief the sea
must absorb when a calf is lost.

November Rain

The dot matrix rain
is making everything shifting
boxes of static. The landscape
struggles to join itself
together, like joining a dot
to dot picture while blindfolded:
A dog has put its tail on its head.
Street lamps flap hammerhead skulls
while struggling to find their rooted feet.
Shops and market shops mix
like unsorted laundry. A pomegranate
shifting in and out of existence
threatens to explode like a grenade.
Every car and bus is a failed Transformer.
I'd look for you in this static sea
but have already turned into the basking shark
of an upside down lampshade, half a sardine,
a polar bear and an igloo melting like a fried egg.

Christian Ward is based in the UK. His poems appear in Wild Greens, Cold Moon Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Ginosko Literary Journal, Uppagus, Spillwords, and Chantarelle's Notebook. More poems are forthcoming in Dreich.

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