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Issue Ten




One fall I took to reading the dictionary late at night
picking up strange words like sward and suspire

Oh, it's not that I treated them ill
after a drink or two I took them home
back to the Dictionary of English Etymology
I waited to make sure the key turned in the lock
and they let themselves in before driving away

Not that I didn't dream of more fanciful climes
symphysis and symposia synaloepha and synovia
dancing until dawn and other vaguely illicit pleasures

But I can't say I felt a decrement in the intensity
of our encounters or the need to defalcate
any supercilious syllables more often than not
I forgot their names as soon as I saw them

That didn't prevent me from marveling
at what good shape they were in
after all these years part of them caught up in a book
the others running footloose anywhere at all

In my nightly routine I concluded of us all
I was the most addicted to my plight


Agnes Whitfield lives in Toronto, Canada and writes in English and French. Her latest volume is Poète, où te tiens-tu? (Sémaphore, 2021).  She teaches Canadian literature at York University in Toronto.

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