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Issue Two




Crisp leaves rustle,
copper pendants
inscribed with an occult alphabet,
their muffled secrets whispered
as I kick
my way along the street.

Later I return,
and shuffling,
on a sponge of mulch,
slipping on
drowned mysteries.

Mountain under Heaven

As world-changing events
unfold on TV
I sit cross-legged
and cast the I Ching
hoping to establish a counter-flow,
not with any sense of faith
or belief
but a stand against the rational
a bid to surf on chaos...

Hexagram 33 – Tun:
mountain under heaven,
the image of retreat,
and so
the superior man
keeps the inferior from him,
not with anger
but reserve.

Tony Bailie is a novelist, poet, and journalist. His novels, ecopunks (2010) and The Lost Chord (2006), were both published in paperback by Lagan Press. His novella A Verse to Murder is available as an ebook. His two collections of poems, Coill (2005) and Tranquillity of Stone (2010), were both published by Lapwing Publication. His poems have also appeared in Boyne Berries, Books Ireland, Crannog and Revival.

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