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An international online magazine that publishes Surrealist poetry in English.

Issue Two



Untitled 1

East decides to become north. He sidles over, nudging his brother out of bed. But north clinging to the comforter drags east to the floor. Sobbing and slapping each other, their tumult leads them to drift away from Earth. South and west nestled at the foot of the bed do not notice their siblings' absence but feel a chill.

Untitled 2

Tongues roll off the pier. They are rushing for the ship that has already departed. The cool breeze and bright sun make the autumn day seem kind, but they obscure the monolingual famine. Tongues roll off the pier splashing in the murky water of the bay. They writhe through rainbow oil spots trying to make it to the ship where their brethren urge them on from the deck with promises of more substantial fare of dental fricatives and lingual ingresses.

Nicholas Alexander Hayes is a US writer based in Chicago. He is the author of NIV: 39 & 27 (BlazeVOX), Between (Atropos), ThirdSexPot (Beard of Bees) and Metastaesthetics (Atropos). His work has been featured in the anthologies Madder Love: Queer Men and the Precincts of Surrealism and Quantum Genre in the Planet of Arts. Most recently his creative writing has appeared in Scab, Peculiar Mormyrid, and BlazeVox Journal.

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