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Issue Two



In Responce To Your Reply

It was a bushy journey
He took everything with him
It is anticipated that expectations
Arrive unexpected
And you direct your dreams
Toward more expressive things
Toward love

What's happening
All the roads turn out to be
A common path
Still intact

I am dreaming of a dream

What is it now?

The yell grows older
Tomorrow becomes today
You're stuck in the afternoon
I believe you know it

It was a bushy journey
The Past is an earned income
From yesterday
From today


Having seen the man's shadow
His body asked him
Why he wasn't
Somebody else


I'm tracking
the waves of bad weather.
No traces of my footsteps,
or whatever may look like the marks
I leave as I walk. Tell me
about the journey
into the blurred time.
There's no chance
to track down the Unknown.
Treading on life,
we left footprints that brought us
into the twenty-first century.
Time has left some unexamined marks on us.
Vestiges from a walk across Illyricum,
across the peninsula two thousand years ago,
you are magnificent.
O these footprints of mine!

Translated from the Albanian by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Jeton Kelmendi was born in Peja, Kosovo, and later studied in Pristina and in Brussels. He is Professor of Political Studies at AAB University College, Pristina. Since 1999 when his first book of poems, The Century of Promises, came out, he has published nine other collections, the latest being Recalling Forgotten Things (2013). Translations of his poems and plays into French, Greek German, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Catalan and Arabic have been published in book form. He was the recipient of a number of international poetry awards.

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