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Issue Two



A Lack of Shading

jelly fish drift into the idea of a night
that has no colour
save the moon pinching what it can
lighting the globe
of their floating iridescent petulance
how can that be?
a spectrum lost where dreams cast
an old hair net
bound up by elemental regulation
let it go let it go let it go
the softest propulsion of ebb and push
a journey in tides
all filamental dreadlock music shaking
for a want of hands
they could write it down for all to see

James Walton is an Australian poet currently based in South Gippsland, Victoria. His poems have appeared in Eureka Street, The Wonder Book of Poetry, Bluepepper, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Great Ocean Quarterly, Australian Poetry, Bukowski On Wry, Australian Poetry Journal, etc., as well as in the Australian Love Poems anthology. He has published a collection of his poems, The Leviathan's Apprentice (2015).

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