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An international online magazine that publishes Surrealist poetry in English.

Issue Two




In one day, a mare
rams into a hare, seizes
it, pares its skin with her teeth.

She bows into dimness,
peers into hampered eventide
to find ephemeron: mayfly, double
adult and life-
cycle flyfished

with bucktail, handled
by a figures' back cast,
tip of the rod upwards,
leaving surface dark

on a young blue giant,
bluefish turned into rare star.

Harm burns there, above,
in the blueshifted sky,

where polar rabbits'
tracks are blueprinted,
tied with a blood knot.

There, the atmosphere
shifts through multiple
stages of development,

instars, nymphal
form fossilized,
like the insect

hatched into
plasmatic matter,
until it passes,
charging through,

attaining imago.


Honeydew silence.

Outside the weeds
taste honey,  lie

wedding dew, new
line settled into
a different abandon.

First feel of breath
current. Certain things

rent out surrender, like
a den without its rooster,

storeless rest. I've seen
summer become senile
before, now harvest saves

nectar vest over grass
labor: a comb, suckle,

care of another suckling
wild boar, drinking deter-
minately tearing neat and

near until milk
turns into honey-

Clayre Benzadon is a recent graduate of Brandeis University, Massachusetts, with a B.A in Psychology and Creative Writing. Her poems appeared in Rat's Ass Review, The Acentos Review, Merrimack Review and Triadae Magazine.

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