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An international online magazine that publishes Surrealist poetry in English.

Issue Two



The Sky is its Own Thief

The sky is its own thief
using twilight as its disguise

moving waters as shadows
and currents as rescuing powers

the tide is high
and mountains hide the Sun

upside down
down under &
blaming it on the rain

in cycles of residual devotion
the heart lingers like a bird
soon to wheel and drop
into silver-grey clouds posing
as sanctuaries and cathedrals

nothing changes everything
but everything changes—
just like fate, spinning on ice over an abyss
that should have been a meadow or a sea

Christina Murphy is from Florida, USA. Her poetry appears in a range of journals, including Boston Poetry Magazine, MadHat Lit, PANK, La Fovea, Red Savina Review, Pear Noir! and Humanimalz Literary Journal, as well as in the anthologies Let the Sea Find its Edges and Remaking Moby-Dick.

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