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Issue Twelve



"You Get what You Pay For"

Last August I
was behind on my
future. Proactivity: more
than urgent. I
bought that
spouse (beside the blinds). The sales advocate

was devoid of caveat
empathy, but then my
motives tend to narrow. Operating
instructions injected
a disfiguring

haplessness. You wouldn't believe what
didn't happen. (A minimum expected.)
Would a robot

act more
cost-efficient? Those in my

range exude metal – fully exposed.

Bone Television

Botched orchard.
Evaporating ground.
Branches shrinking.
Night writing



Stump accumulates
moonlight. Vertebrae
exhale inside
glass page.

Thomas Fink
is from Long Island, New York. He has published twelve books of poetry, the most recent one being Zeugma (Marsh Hawk Press, 2022). His Selected Poems & Poetic Series was published by Marsh Hawk Press in 2016. His work appeared in Best American Poetry 2007 published by Scribner Books. He is Professor of English at CUNY-LaGuardia.

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