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Issue Twelve



Just a mound

Rubber ferules had overrun the ancient burial mound
again. It was the fifth time in as many weeks. Mr
Isoceles, the site caretaker, didn't know what to make of
it. Who could be behind this? He was beginning to feel
persecuted. 'Unless they're breeding,' said Mrs Trapezoid
his neighbour. 'Who ever heard of rubber ferules
breeding,' the caretaker protested. 'Are you trying to
make me a laughing stock?' 'Well, call it what you want,'
said Mrs Trapezoid, folding her arms across her angular
chest, 'they're certainly multiplying.' It was true. On the
side of the mound which Mr Isoceles had just cleared
with his bamboo rake, more rubber ferules had
appeared. 'Where did they come from?' he asked.
'When you look straight at them they don't seem to be
increasing.' Mrs Trapezoid shrugged. 'Perhaps they don't
like to be seen moving,' she said. 'They don't want
to give themselves away.' 'That may be, but why here?'
said the caretaker. 'Is nothing sacred?' 'Think of them
like ants,' Mrs Trapezoid said. 'To them it's just mound.'

Lost allure

The forest canopy had lost
its allure somewhere
between home and the
office. Search parties were
sent out and posters put up
around town describing
the allure. A small reward
was offered for information
leading to its recapture.
The forest canopy was
inconsolable. 'We'll find it,'
said the local police chief.
'Don't worry. How about a
game of cribbage while
we're waiting? It will help to
take your mind off things.'

Simon Collings
lives in Oxford, UK. His poetry, short fiction, translations, reviews and essays have appeared in a wide range of magazines including Stride, Fortnightly Review, Café Irreal, Litter, International Times, Junction Box, The Long Poem Magazine, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Mercurius, The Ekphrastic Review and Journal of Poetics Research. A collection of his prose poems and short fiction entitled Why are you here? was published by Odd Volumes in 2020. His third and the latest chapbook, Sanchez Ventura, was published by Leafe Press in 2021. He is a contributing editor at The Fortnightly Review.


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