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Issue Twelve



The Endless Summer at the End of Civilization

trash bags everywhere black plastic
trash bags always full

someone with enough will always take
whatever you have big shiny pickup

trucks with spotless cargo beds
and no passengers men who drive

such trucks must have lost everything
so they take the sun

has capitulated to the heat
and lost its power lost its light

it only burns now everything
gets taken big shiny trucks of red and black

that never see a speck of dirt
win every time

R.S. Mengert
lives in Tempe, Arizona. He completed an MFA in poetry at Syracuse University. His work appears in Zymbol, Maintenant, Poetry is Dead, Poor Yorick, Exacting Clam, Bureau of Complaint, Gargoyle, The California Quarterly, Pensive, SurVision, ABZ, Four Chambers, The Café Review, Fjords, San Pedro River Review, and Enizagam.

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