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Issue Twelve



Teeth Grinder

At night
I whet my teeth
on a new, strange stone, uppers
and lowers sawing away
as others saw logs.

No ache
I know, awake, to nudge such a mill
to grate – no enemy
for whom
I hone them keen. No food
that tough
excites such filing down.  

I do not know
what lever sets these bony cogs
in motion. I do not know
what melody they grind. What I do know is:
some angst has put sharp teeth
in my dreams, and now I sleep alone.

Ken Anderson
is from Decatur, Georgia, USA. His publications include Café Review, Club Plum, Coffin Bell, Dash, Dawntreader, Hole in the Head Review, Hyacinth Review, Impostor, The Journal, London Grip, Lotus-eater, Lullwater Review, Modern Literature, Neologism Poetry Review, Oddball Magazine, Orbis, Penumbra, Rudderless Mariner Poetry, Sangam Literary Magazine, Sein und Werden, Toho Journal, Verbal Art, The Waiting Room, and Willawa Journal. His poetry books are Permanent Gardens (Seabolt Press, 1972) and The Intense Lover (Starbooks, 1995).

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