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Issue Twelve



Last Rescue

My mermaid friend,
do not ask
about the trouble we're in
            just swim

and swear it's a dolphin fin following.

Away from this disaster.

If we escape this

if we are not devoured

in safe seas, I promise to be
singing sweet
and will stay
will no longer stray
    into troubled
        deep end.

My mermaid friend,
I will not make you
rescue me again.

Satin Rain

Knot always slipping
through her ribbon...

Patterns in the tangles
like waves and tides
too predictable.

Satin slides the way
water slips down
porcelain bowls

into the dark, secret
drain.  Dripping down
in increments of silence
out of sight.

All the wasted water
disappearing from kitchens and
bathrooms, dropping from rooftops,
and falling down windowpanes;

down into the gutters, the sewers,
down into the drains.

And no one ever bothers
to chase that rain.

Kay Kestner lives in Manchester, New Jersey. Her poetry has recently been published in Amethyst, Selcouth Station, Otoliths, Burrow, Soup Can Magazine, and Trouvaille Review. Her screenplay, Art Never Lies, was a 2022 finalist in the Bigfoot in Collaboration with Trinity College Dublin Screenwriting Contest.

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