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Issue Twelve




The way it roves. Resolute. Roil & roar. Stick-thin repair range. Steady rehash, restate, recast. Scorched cortex smoldering on the shelf of my shoulders. Repeat. Rework. Until steeped, I'm stuck, muck up to enough already.

The Complexity

Striving to meet an undisclosed standard
The duplicity of memory
All the while, the feeling of a tenured hold, a life grip, reverence
for the finger that touched the finger, just before arrival.
What you brought with you. What you've gained since.
What you've lost. Here,
in the glitter coercing your eyes.
What you've crushed with your innocence.
The unthinking way you move in your space.
The sorrows you've collected and heft in a litany of rivers.
The ennui. The zeitgeist. The search for resolution.
The global suffering screaming in your ears.
The glory in the flower. The life force of the forests.
The complexity from which you weave your pattern.

Karen Neuberg is the author of the full-length poetry collection, Pursuit (Kelsay Press) and the chapbook  titled the elephants are asking (Glass Lyre). She lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.C., and is associate editor of First Literary Review-East.

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