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Issue Twelve



After the Battle

after Cezar Vallejo

After the bombs fell
the hospital kept burning

and a dead woman rose
on her gurney

She woke from the ashes
and walked out into the street

People were fleeing a few stopped
to greet her with amazement

We are blessed you are alive
How many more have survived

they asked but she
was dead and said nothing

She met a man combing the ruins
for the shoes of his children

and he said I'm so glad you are alive
but please do not ever leave me again

The woman was dead
and could not reply

Everywhere people fled
and left behind lives of wax

great impression melting
the earth eating the dead

But her silence was different
it was the weight of the dead

and their questions
the emptiness of grieving


after Alan Dugan

From his cell he could see the world
circling like a vulture the not-quite

dead-center of their shame
in leaving him to the birds

He scratched his name on the cell wall
in bold letters portraying a taste

for Renaissance art and façade
and possibly dance he thought

Over the years he learned to spell
the zero of his earnings swelled

and crowded others in their cells
so many dreams then of escape

The years were cured in urine
and the mold of ancient rhymes

He remembered early angry times
before the flood and devastation

He settled in to spend his wealth
on the bloodline of his memory

and when released at last
went back to work

preparing the world around him
for its blind and insolent ending

George Moore lives on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. His works appear in The Atlantic, Poetry, Colorado Review, Orion, and Stand. His recent collections are Children's Drawings of the Universe (Salmon Poetry 2015) and Saint Agnes Outside the Walls (FutureCycle 2016).

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