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Issue Twelve



Minding Your P's (but not your Q's)

Pennsylvania is a pleasant place, but Paris and Prague are prettier. Porno is passé—and so is my picayune proofreading. Will I positively be punished if I put the word putz in this poem? How about plotz? Otherwise, people, it will just plod along too plainly and peacefully. Phooey! This piece of poesy is purposely puny and pocket-sized because I had to pee while planning and penning my playful parody on the porcelain bedpan in the pink parlor. Perhaps I'm a poet who prefers to piss on her own parade. I could have been pluckier and said I'm poised to puke, but that would be particularly putrid. Let's proclaim that this epigram be perceived as a pipe. Or maybe just a pip. Can you predict that this half-pint prose will be published? Will the pundits applaud? Will the powers that pee be pleased to pursue this puerile pabulum? Pop, pop, pop. Oh, pooh, that's probably the point of all this pulp and puffery.

D is not only for Dada

Disco is decidedly dead and so is democracy. Dystopian day dawning. Destination: darkness, my darlings. Would you do it with Dylan? Dilly-dally with Dali? Dalliances with Dickinson, Doolittle, Donne, and Desnos? Drop drawers with da Vinci or double-dip with Degas even though they're defunct? Dance dirty with DeGaul even though he's deceased? Do-si-do with the Devil, then do the Downward Dog on your derriere and doze deeply? Did you dig Howdy Doody in your heyday? We decent do-gooders and daydreamers are damned disgusted and disgruntled with this diseased and dysfunctional domain of dimwits, dodos, dopes, dorks, dullards, dunces, and dangerous dummkopfs. Okey dokey. Daddy, let's depart Dodge City and drive to Denmark. And don't you dare discuss a defense for the dastardly Donald, who did so much dreadful damage to our daily discourse. Don't do dat. Don't even. Oh dear, this dinky ditty is definitely done.

Cindy Hochman is from Brooklyn, New York. She is the editor-in-chief of the online poetry journal First Literary Review-East. Her most recent chapbook is Telling You Everything (Unleash Press, 2022).

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