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Issue Twelve



Cat shadow

A cat's shadow dissolves into molecules of moon and spreads a veil over the sky, ensnaring clouds that crawl like spiders down labyrinths of rain.

A cat's shadow eclipses the sun, stalks the stars, and carves a black hole out of the tattooed void.

A cat's shadow feasts on the earth's eyes, mapping the distance between the soil and the soul.

Universal Healthcare

The universe walks past me and sneezes. I give her a nice pat upon the head and go about my day. Liberty, you know, is no small thing. No small thang, said Liberty to Freedom. Freedom upped and slapped the bitch, though. Violence against liberty will not be tolerated. Tolerance will not be tolerated either. Tolerance of tolerance even less tolerated. We live in an intolerable world. That's why the universe sneezed. She sneezed a sleazy sneeze, indeed.

Alison Ross is from Atlanta, Georgia. She has poetry recently published in Maintenant and edits Clockwise Cat.

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