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Issue Nine



The Thumb

In the forest, Woodsman found a tree with a thumb. Growing out of the side like an eyelash. Tired scientists closed off the tree to observe the thumb's humming. Its loose movements. Some said it was the thumb of a human mutated within the bark. Half-human, half-tree. Others said it was the thumb of God. At the town auction, the banker bought the tree and charged a startling amount for hundreds to thumb wrestle The Thumb and anyone who participated and anyone who watched would have told you that The Thumb was sad.


after Jessica Poli

One planet was made of plastic and one planet was made of wax. They collided and remained. They collided and collapsed. One planet was made of glass and one planet was made of gum. It sounded like dipping a sword into dough. One planet was made of hair and one planet was made of breath and the world forgets the mess it made, the darkness that holds us home.

On a Clear Night

after "The Old Man and the Old Moon"

The old man and the old moon take their seats on stage and pray to not be the first to die. The town crowd tries to quiet the town crowd but the town crowd will not quiet. This is before the first fire, before the first joke, the judge arriving on time with ladder and with saw.

Benjamin Niespodziany is from Chicago. His poems appear in Fence, Hobart, Fairy Tale Review, Pithead Chapel, etc.

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