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The Mona Lisa

I talk to the Mona Lisa sometimes.
     It's not that I'm mad or crazy or insane or anything like that, it's just...
     ...I get lonely walking through these corridors sometimes.
     "We'll always have Paris" the movie says. There's a whole world out there! Romanticised. And here I am on my own, again. Night after night. Rinse, repeat, "Play it Again Sam."
     But the Mona Lisa's always there. Smiling. Well, almost smiling.
     Why don't I speak to any other pictures? you might ask. Well, to be honest, I just can't imagine any of the others speaking back!
     What would a Cézanne even say? "I've got a headache?" You can't talk to a Picasso, because his mouth's in the wrong place. And I wouldn't even try my luck with the cubists or any of that other late-modern junk.
     No, No, the Mona Lisa is the only girl for me.
     "Vincent," she calls softly, "Vincent..."
     "...Come and talk to me."

- Antony Sammeroff (Scotland)

Antony Sammeroff is a piano tutor, playwright and musician living in the West End of Glasgow. He writes as a theatre critic for The Skinny and is composer in residence with a Glasgow-based community theatre project (Attune Theatre).
His blog is available for viewing at

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